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Recent Research

Single-pixel, polarization-sensitive wavefront imaging

By utilizing spatially modulated light source and a single-pixel detector, the simplified and cost-effective optical system, capable of quantifying a polarization-sensitive map of a thin specimen with birefringence, has been designed.

Fluorescent microscopy using axi-symmetric binary phase filters

Elongation of DoF and lager focal spot size has been achieved by optimizing a binary phase filter(BPF). Light sheet fluorescent microscope is one of our application using BPF.

Multi-contrast microscope using color-multiplexed illumination

The color-coded illumination pattern enables a multi-contrast imaging(bright field, dark field, differential phase contrast) of transparent specimens(Onion cells, rockfish scales, C.elegans) in a single shot.

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging

The cardio-stent strut detection based on optical coherence tomography(OCT), a non-invasive, cross-sectional imaging technique.

Photo-thermal angular light scattering (PT-AS) Sensor

A photo-thermal angular light scattering (PT-AS) enables the rapid and chemical-free hemoglobin assay exploiting only nanoliter-scale blood samples.

Photo-thermal laser speckle imaging(PT-LSI) Sensor

A simple, cost-effective, and highly sensitive LFA kit sensor based on photo-thermal laser speckle imaging (PT-LSI)


About Us

* Biomedical optics and instrumentation
* Advanced optical imaging technologies
* Biosensors
* Optical manupulation of biological systems
* Optical fabrication and metrology

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